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Written Media Sources

Ask the Medicare Specialist 7/28/20

Does the Medicare Donut Hole start at the same dollar amount regardless of which Part D prescription insurance you are enrolled in? Also, I thought it was scheduled to go away in 2020. Was I mistaken?
July 28, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Ask the Medicare Specialist 7/20/20

Question from Bobbi: I turned 65 on November 10, 2019. Since then my health care policies have been a nightmare. What I would like to know is, if what I am doing is the best way to go and are you able to take over what I do have? Also am I compliant with Medicare rules and guidelines?
July 20, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Ask the Medicare Specialist 7/8/20

From Julie: In your last column you mentioned “total cost of ownership,” which I had never heard before. Can you explain that a bit more as it pertains to Medicare plans?
July 8, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Supplement plan premiums are going up again, what are my options?

Question from Theresa: I just got notice my Supplement plan premiums are going up again, over $20/month. They rise every year and seem like the increases just keep getting larger each time. What are my options?
June 9, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Did I make the right HMO choice?

I recently went on Medicare for the first time and chose a $0 premium HMO Advantage Plan. Did I make the right choice?
June 1, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Patient Assist Programs Will Provide Diabetic Medications For Free

I saw your Facebook post regarding a foundation that is supposedly going to provide several diabetes medications for free. Can you confirm and explain the program and details?
May 22, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

What’s On Your Mind with Aaron Zolbrod and WMBS 5/18/20

We have made a very significant discovery that will help tens of thousands of people on Medicare who are currently taking some of the most common and expensive brand name Diabetes medications on the market.
May 19, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

Ask the Medicare Specialist 5/13/20 in the Tribune Review

Do you consult with couples in their early 60s doing financial retirement planning for health care costs until we reach Medicare at 65? I want to budget those costs for the next few years and get an idea of what we can expect to pay for Medicare and a Supplement or Advantage Plan as well.
May 13, 2020/by EulerTechHISC

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