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There are generally two choices for those on Medicare, Supplements and Advantage Plans.  95% of all people currently on Medicare, or going on Medicare for the first time don’t understand the vast differences.

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Since 2008 we have provided countless companies and organizations of all sizes with expert advice and superior customer service.

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The licensed agents of The Health Insurance Store can help you navigate the Marketplace, guide you to the plan that best fits your needs, and ensure your application is done correctly to make sure you avoid mistakes that could negatively affect your tax return.

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The Health Insurance Store was established in 2008 and has helped more than 10,000 people in Western Pennsylvania with their health insurance and Medicare needs.

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Our professional licensed staff are here to help. In office meetings are free and we are ready to examine your policies to find ways to save money.

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If you like mail we can send you documents. Phone conferences are a wonderful way to get information quickly as well. We also have video conferencing that uses a computer with a camera. Our agents are standing by ready to assist you.

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We prioritize you.

Our licensed agents are brokers appointed to sell plans from virtually every company on the market, guaranteeing you unbiased advice. We don’t work for the insurance companies. We work for our clients.


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We consider ourselves the utmost experts in the health insurance field.

we provide guidance and assistance in applying for Medicare plans such as Supplements, Part D prescription, and Medicare Advantage, employer group plans, and individual and family plans.

Get Your Best Plan with The Health Insurance Store

Save Money and Understand Health Care

Listen, Watch and Learn the latest trends, savings, possible pit falls and news from The Health Insurance Store professionals. Here is where you’ll find up to date information to help guide you through the Health Care system while educating you on topics such as HMO’s, PPO’s, prescription plans and more. We are excited to help you save money, understand health insurance and get your best plan with the professionals at The Health Insurance Store. 

Prescription Drug Prices in Canada and America

Prescription Drug Prices in America are a Shell Game

Prescription drugs prices in America are a shell game. Big Pharma is keeping us all confused by giving rebates and raising prices.
February 5, 2020/by unit4media

Important message for those on Medicare

Did you know that all Medicare plans are not considered supplements and designed to pick up the portion of the bill Medicare doesn’t pay? Learn more from this important message for those on Medicare from Aaron Zolbrod owner of The Health Insurance Store.
February 3, 2020/by unit4media

If You’re on Medicare Listen Closely

If you're currently on Medicare and not a client of The Health Insurance Store listen closely. Many people are able to change plans during the year and not just during the election period.
February 2, 2020/by unit4media
Ask the Medicare Specialist

Ask the Medicare Specialist Post Gazette Article Jan 31 with Aaron Zolbrod

I and thousands of other US Steel Retirees are confused. We are provided an Advantage Plan. Calls to US Steel, Aetna, and the United Steelworkers Union all end up with the same response. “If you drop, change, or enhance the plan, you can never get it back”. We have no dental or eye protection that retired seniors drastically need. Is there any plan or supplement available that won’t break the bank?
January 31, 2020/by unit4media
Ask the Medical Specialist Aaron Zolbrod

Ask the Medical Specialist 1/30/20

If one has VA benefits, how does that figure into which Medicare plan to consider? I’ll be turning 65 in August and am starting to investigate all my options. 
January 30, 2020/by unit4media
Listen to the Owner of The Health Insurance Store Aaron Zolbrod discuss preferred pharmacies, HMO's, fake health insurance mail and more on WMBS.

Aaron Zolbrod on WMBS Radio Show 1/20/20

Aaron discusses important topics such as, the differences between Medicare Advantage and Supplements, the pros and cons of both, as well as what groups of people might be best on each option. How to avoid the extremely costly prescription drug "Doughnut Hole”. Also what caused drug prices to increase 300% to 500% in the last eight years?
January 21, 2020/by unit4media
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In addition to ensuring the best possible healthcare and Medicare plan value for you, your family, or your business, we take great pride in providing customer service that is second to none. We have qualified staff dedicated to helping our clients answer questions and solving problems whenever they arise.

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Our licensed agents are brokers, appointed to sell plans from virtually every company in the market, assuring you get unbiased advice.

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