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Aaron Zolbrod on WMBS Radio Show 1/20/20

Aaron discusses important topics such as, the differences between Medicare Advantage and Supplements, the pros and cons of both, as well as what groups of people might be best on each option. How to avoid the extremely costly prescription drug "Doughnut Hole”. Also what caused drug prices to increase 300% to 500% in the last eight years?
January 21, 2020/by unit4media

Ask the Medicare Specialist 1|17|20

My husband and I are investigating making a switch from an Advantage plan to a Supplement, if we qualify, and have several questions which we’ve not yet seen addressed in your columns:
January 17, 2020/by unit4media

Interview with Aaron Zolbrod about the new Podcast Studio

Interview with Aaron Zolbrod about the new Podcast Studio
January 16, 2020/by unit4media

Ask the Medical Specialist Aaron Zolbrod | 1/10/20

For those of us who want to retire prior to going on Medicare, is there a better time of the year to do that? What do people need to be aware of prior to making this move?Can you help me find a health plan that will get me to my 65th birthday? 
January 10, 2020/by unit4media

Ask the Medical Specialist Aaron Zolbrod | 1/9/20

Should I move from an Advantage plan that has a premium in the $70 per month range, to a true Medicare Supplement and Part D prescription plan at a cost of $150? Taking into consideration what someone may pay for medical services, in addition to Advantage Plan HMO or PPO premiums, a Supplement could be a much better value. Let’s take a look. #thehealthinsurancestore, #getyourbestplan
January 8, 2020/by unit4media

Aaron Zolbrod on WMBS Radio Show 1/6/20

January 6, 2020/by unit4media

Ask the Medical Specialist By Aaron Zolbrod | Dec. 27th

In last week’s column you recommended that people…
December 27, 2019/by unit4media

Advantage Plans are quite popular and can make sense for those looking to save money on monthly premiums.

However, they need to be chosen wisely. There are now approximately…
December 6, 2019/by unit4media
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