We want to help you understand your options. First and foremost, our agents at the Health Insurance Store will educate you on the difference between Advantage Plans and Supplements, helping guide you to the plan that is best for your health care needs and budget.

We understand it is imperative you make the right decision today, as that decision can affect you, literally, for the rest of your life.

Added value. We will help evaluate your qualifications for money saving programs such as:

  • PACE and PACENET (Prescription Assistance for the Elderly)
  • Part B Premium Assistance
  • Medicaid

We will go over all of your Medicare choices. Our agents will explain your Medicare options, including a review of eligible retirement or employer insurance. We will educate you on what Medicare is and what Medicare covers.

#1: Medicare Advantage (Part C of Medicare) Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies. When you choose one of these plans it will take the place of your regular Medicare coverage. Compare my options

#2: Medicare Supplement Plan or “Medigap” These policies are designed to help pay for services not completely covered by Medicare. In essence, Medigap policies cover the “gaps” in Medicare.  Compare my options

#3 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage This is a federal government program to subsidize the cost of prescription drugs and prescription drug insurance premiums for Medicare beneficiaries.

Our plans cost the same and we provide dedicated customer service. You will pay the same amount for your Medicare health insurance, whether you purchase it from an insurance company or through The Health Insurance Store.

However, when you buy a Medicare plan from one of our well-trained, licensed agents we will explain all your options in a way that you can easily understand. We are appointed to sell insurance from many different companies, which means you will get unbiased advice.

We have dedicated staff to handle any issues regarding your Medicare plan, bills, claims, prescription coverage, etc. for as long as you remain a client of The Health Insurance Store!
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